I am Wanderson Ferreira, BSc in Geophysics from Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil. During all my undergraduate years I had the pleasure to work with several implementations of different algorithm such as Direct modeling of Seismic Gather events, Global optimizations using Genetic Algorithms, Helbig integrals for magnetometry and others.

As became clear to me, I really liked the Programming and mathematical portion of my works. I have been involved in several projects coding in some popular languages as: Python, C++, Fortran and Bash. However, I also enjoy learning some odd languages such as Emacs Lisp, Clojure, Standard ML and Vimscript.

I have been working professionally as Data Scientist since 2016. I see in this field the opportunity to do several different tasks such as identification of business needs to provide the proper statistical learning solution, implementation of machine learning algorithms, implementation of Data Infrastructures (I have experience with SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra and Hadoop) to even build a whole SaaS to provide predictive analysis.

Today I am the Lead Data Scientist at Captalys, São Paulo. We are building a very diverse Data Ecosystem from scratch using Scala, Cassandra, Python and R.

I want to post some of my findings in this blog. Stay tuned!