How can you sleep when people are not using Emacs out there?

Academic background

- BSc in Geophysics with focus on Scientific Programming
- Non-degree Program at University of Houston working in Genetic Algorithm
for global optimization problems in oil industry

Professional background

- 2018 - current: Managing an IT Team at Captalys building credit products
- 2017 - 2018: Data Scientist at Captalys developing predictive models
- 2016 - 2017: Machine Learning Engineer at TEVEC
- 2014 - 2015: Research Assistant at University of Houston working with global optimization problems
in FORTRAN and Python
- 2013 - 2014: Research Assistant at University of São Paulo working with
integrals algorithms in MATLAB

Current interests

I am on a mission: Teach yourself programming in 10 years. I don't want to make it quicker, but denser.

- Learning Functional Programming in Common Lisp and Clojure.
- Focus on a software development career (?)
- Improving my understanding about computer science
- Practing, practicing, ..., hope to post my 4clojure profile soon.
- Emacs because you know... emacs.

Now I am living closer to Ibirapuera Park, time to take care of my health as well. Starting running (:

Ibirapuera Park