All the finished materials up to now. I will provide details about them as soon as possible.    


  • Papers
    • Nick Black's advice for MS students: link
    • The Debugging mindset: link


  • Projects
    • Montag.clj - Book management system: link
    • bzclj - SaaS State Machine (?). I don't like Bizagi would be a better name: link


  • Articles
    • What every computer scientist should know: link
    • Every software developer should know about unicode and charset: link
    • Programming Paradigms and the Procedural Paradox: link
    • Dr Alan Kay on the Meaning of Object Oriented Programming: link




  • Misc books and essays and videos
    • The passionate programmer: link
    • Zero bugs: link
    • Great Hackers: link
    • Revenge of the nerds: link
    • Lisp hackers - interview with 100x more productive programmers: link
    • The Road to Common Lisp: link
    • Software disenchantment: link


Many more to come...

Personal Books