September 30, 2018

ClojureScript and Reagent

I found this blog from Jacek Schae related to ClojureScript and Reagent. The content of the Free Course is very good and well paced.

The videos are short, less than 8min long, and if you are really new to clojure or clojurescript, there is a fully working code version available for each video lesson. So, don't get stuck, go until the end and then go back and review things you didn't understand at first.




  1. Dev Setup
  2. App Setup
  3. State
  4. Creating Components
  5. Displaying Gigs
  6. List Comprehension
  7. Add to Order
  8. For Over Orders
  9. Remove from Order
  10. Order total
  11. Format price
  12. Refactoring functions


ClojureScript Videos

Tags: clojure web reagent