December 25, 2019

The Future Doesn't have to be incremental


Alan Kay, creator of Smalltalk


Invention and incrementalism is only different from each other by the size of the jump it provide from current reality. Interesting definition of instrumentalist and innovators: when a new idea appears, instrumentalist thinks about how this new thing can improve their current goals, while innovators often rethink and look for entire new goals/possibilities.

"For most things, knowledge dominates IQ"


Everybody loves change, except by the change part

People hate learning curves

When something is really new, you can barely see it

Conscience is only a waken dream with more constrains about the things that is happening around us

Problem solving is too small an idea for design and architecture, the essential process is problem finding


  1. We should strive for creations that change the context that we are used to think

  2. The Present is the least important time we live in.

  3. Look at the past as something more broad and sampling the past we should be able to assemble something really new to the future.

Tags: innovation