December 26, 2019

Making Architecture Matter


Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist at ThoughtWorks


Small keynote but with good ideas about software architecture. I really like the work of Martin Fowler and his view over this problem, I feel how hard it is to move at the speed that startups needs/desire and keep good architecture choices around. The business domain is constantly changing, priorities are crazy depending on the week and the idea of losing the race because we can’t provide better solution now instead of "so-so" solutions is terrifying.

Maybe this environment is just doomed to be re-written if the company turns out successful. Internal quality is hard to be taken into consideration specially when even high-quality workers are so scarce in the market.


Expert developers' shared understandinf of the system design is architecture

The set of design decisions that you wish you could get right early on

Architecture is a social thing


  1. What you want to do, when project grows is that everybody has a shared understanding

  2. What we consider to be the most important thing of the system?

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