December 27, 2019

Jim Coplien and Bob Martin Debate TDD


Jim Coplien and Bob Martin


There are so many mixed feelings about TDD that I can’t produce significant comments around it without being in the position of contradict myself in two months from now.

Fact is, people misuse a lot of what TDD I think should do, by saying that test is the only thing that matter. And in practice, I see really big changes in design driven by business domain knowledge.

Reality is that developers does not like to understand much about their domains and are always concerned with small words they learn on the internet about topics that cannot easily reach agreement.

I prefer for now, to concern myself with other issues around code development.


[Jim Coplien] I don’t accept the thesis that the practice of TDD is a pre-requisite for professionalism in software development in 2007

[Jim Coplien] You want to capitalize yourself with knowledge upfront. Make some hard decisions upfront

You can’t hide a bad architecture with a great interface

Where is code, is bugs


  1. We need a good definition for professionalism in the area?

  2. Test by contract, pré-conditions, post-conditions and invariants

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