December 27, 2019

What went wrong with the IT-industry?


James Coplien, researcher in the field o computer science


I should look for more papers in the area of software development. Opinions are really what control the industry of software development.

The whole thing about agile methods, in the beginning, was about how do you get the domain knowledge from your organization.

One of the things I like about my current job is that I am able to get better at domain knowledge, I am surrounded about great people that think really different about how the credit system should behave in the future.

Great pensmanship does not make great writers.


The things we do have no rational basis. It is at least an Art

Test-first fundamentalism is like abstinence-only sex education: An unrealistic, ineffective morality campaign for self-loathing and shaming

There is no evidence that TDD does work

People believe in things that can control, not in things that work

Ignorance leads to overconfidence, inability to recognize skill, and inability to assess one’s own level

programming skill in the absence of business domain knowledge is becoming increasing worthless

software development process is exploratory by nature

You are not paid to type! You are paid to think


  1. Stop using opinions, we should provide more DATA to prove our point of view

  2. You should look for where is your domain expertise

  3. We need understanding of DEEP CONTEXT

  4. You really need to study DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE

  5. Fight YAGNI: think ahead and plan

  6. Get rid of architects who do not code

  7. Get rid of coders without an HCI background

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