January 3, 2020

So Good they Can't Ignore You


Cal Newport, author of the book


I think you should always aware of the opportunities. Follow opportunities was what led me to where I am. I did not engage in the university because I love physics or something else, I was thinking only that I could not start to work dealing with public in general and I wanted to postpone this necessity and College and Military services were my two opportunities at that time.

I tried both.

Situations like that happened severaaall times from 2010 to today. 10 years later I do not regret any decision I made, I am curious about different roads I could had travelled. But that’s all.


Follow your passion

Why do some people love what they do for a living and some people don’t?

Steve Jobs were not passion about changing the world through technology from the very beginning because his actions in the past

Very rare to find people that knew in advance what were really passionate about

Trying to figure out in the abstract what you should do with your carrer is a tragit mistake.

Maybe more general treats that matter in the end.

An early on interest may cause a snowball effect. You start to study and it gives you more motivation to endure the deliberate practice that takes to be very very good at what you do.


  1. Follow your passion is a bad advice

  2. The path for passion is often really more complicated

  3. We don’t have some reason to believe that this advice should work

  4. The specifics that you do, might be less important

  5. Have a period to build up a very valuable field

  6. I want to be so good, that they can’t ignore me

  7. Find people that inspires you. Find how to get there

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