January 4, 2020

Predictably Fast Clojure


Zach Tellman, software engineer at Conversational AI at Microsoft


Very provocative presentation. One day I will have the ability to investigate more thoughtfully about my code and language of choice.

Let’s keep learning.


Referential transparency assumes infinite resources

Referential transparency is contextual

Correctness is contextual

Performance is almost never the sum of its parts


  1. We need to thinking like scientists when reasoning about our systems. Hypothesis, experimentation and evidences.

  2. using Java isn’t cheating

  3. if you can, do the hard work once

  4. if you don’t control the context, assume every bit matters

  5. be curious about the tools you use

  6. if you’re going for a bounded solution, describe the boundaries fully

  7. if you’re going for a general solution, make sure it’s actual general

Tags: clojure performance