January 12, 2020

Clojure on Android


Alexander Yakushev, developer at Clojure on Android


I was thinking about this when I tried to use re-natal to build my Android app. If most of the people today uses Java to write Android apps, how can I use Clojure directly instead?

And this presentation is the answer to this old question. Unfortunately, I saw the repository today and it looks like not being maintained anymore. All projects needs people or they are doomed by single efforts of heroic people.

Great initiative Alexander.


Arguments for Clojure-Android: Closer to native platform, easier to learn for android developers

Arguments for ClojureScript + X: Faster startup time, Easier to dive in for web developers, potential to write (kinda-)cross platform applications


  1. lein-droid: plugin for leiningen: handles compilation, packaging, minification, and deployment to the device

  2. neko is a clojure-android toolkit library: wraps different Android API facilities, takes care of dynamic compilation, REPL and CIDER.

  3. Project Skummet is an optimizing Clojure Compiler.

  4. We need people

Tags: clojure android