February 2, 2020

Beyond Developer


Dan North, creator of BDD


All I can say is that everybody should watch all Dan North videos online. I can refer the content to any programmer I know and he will be very uncomfortable with the truth: your goal should not be fighting over who write the most idiomatic Javascript code, you should be performing business impact


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."


Necessity is the mother of invention…​ Grace Hopper, invents the compiler.

Beyond developer, We are:

  1. a developer

  2. in a team

  3. building a product

  4. on a platform

  5. in a department

  6. in an organisation

a developer

  1. learns the language

  2. learns the libraries

  3. monitors the alternatives

  4. learns the toolchain

  5. engages with the community


  1. Start your projects with the README

  2. Understands the business objective

  3. Studies the domain

  4. Knows the stakeholders …​ all the stakeholders.

  5. Contributes to the product

  6. Understands the path to production

  7. Cares about runtime concerns

  8. Values automation …​ not all the automation!

  9. Contributes to the platform

Tags: learning