March 8, 2020

Preventing the Collapse of Civilization


Jonathan Blow, consultant



This is why technology degrades. It taks a lot of energy to communicate from generation to generation there are losses. Without generational transfer, civilization dies.

Thesis: Software is in decline; we depend on software everywhere. Collapse look slow from the inside.

Software has been riding on immense hardware improvements.

We don’t expect software to work any more. How low will our standards to shrink?


  1. 1177BC: The year civilization collapsed by Eric Cline

  2. Removing complexity is the right short-term play, even if it doesn’t seem so

  3. Blog post from Nikita:

  4. Video: The thirty million line problem - by Casey Muratori

  5. Video: Civilizations: Institutions, Knowledge and the Future by Samo Burja

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