May 31, 2020

Is Clojure an acceptable Lisp?



Hans Hubner


Interesting view about Common Lisp and Clojure. I had started to follow the book Practical Common Lisp some weeks ago, but due to other events I have to stop it and start reading/studying other topics, however the style of the book is great and I read in the past how OOP is done in CL and it was very interesting to me.

Clojure’s multimethods looked more clean and simplistic, but I wanted to have a deep understanding of how CL did it and the real benefits of the extra-stuff. My goal was to re-write some of the open-source projects I have in CL to sense in better.

Maybe I can relate to the topics of this video better after that.


The essence of Lisp 1. Homoiconic language 2. Interactive mode is the main source of develop your programs

Differences between Common Lisp and Clojure 1. Several implementations of Common Lisp of the defined Standard 2. More love to keyword args 3. Very elaborate OOP 4. Most complicated system to comparison between 'things'


  1. I really like to investigate and understand the problem using code

  2. Write more programs in common lisp

Tags: clojure