I've been doing lots of different work on my professional career up until now. I believe that all these experiences contributed to educate myself into a very unique combination of skills and talents.

Today, I want to focus my career in the Software development segment.


  • MSc in Electrical Engineering, Universidade de São Paulo (not finished)
  • BsC in Geophysics, Universidade de São Paulo (USP) (Dec/2015)
  • Exchange Program, University of Houston (UH) (Dec/2014)

Professional Experience

  • Technical Leader, Captalys Investimentos (current)
  • Data Scientist, Captalys Investimentos (May/2018)
  • Product Developer Leader, Tevec Metodologias e Sistemas (May/2017)
  • Analyst in Mathematical Modeling, Tevec Metodologias (Fev/2016)
  • Teacher Assistant Seismic method, Universidade de São Paulo (Jun/2015)
  • Trainee in Geophysics, Institute of Technological Research SP (Fev/2013)
  • Teacher Assistant Physics I, Universidade de São Paulo (Jun/2012)

Programming Skills

I am more interested in Functional Programming languages right now.

  • Python
  • Clojure
  • Golang
  • Scala
  • Elisp, Common Lisp, Scheme, etc.
  • Java


Small contributions to some open source projects: python3-anticaptcha, org-download, pandas.

Scholarship and Awards

  • Data Science Game 2017 World Finalist
  • SEG/ExxonMobil Student Education Program Awards (2015)
  • CNPq - Undergraduate Scholarship (2015)
  • CAPES - Brazilian Mobility Program Scholarship (2014)
  • CNPq - Undergraduate Schoalrship (2012)
  • USP Rectory Scholarship for Undergraduate (2010)

Publications and Abstracts

  • Global optimization for AVO inversion - A genetic algorithm. Viena, 2016
  • Development of lock-in resistivimeter under high electrical noise. Viena,16
  • Estimation of total magnetization direction using Hellbig's method. RJ,13
  • Thermodynamic phase of hydrometeors in the Amazon Basin. San Francisco,12.
  • Serena Project: Studying aerosol interactions. San Francisco, 2012.