I want to catalog all good materials that I encounter while journey towards a software developer career. I think that tracking the material can be very useful to other people looking for such experiences too.

If you have any recommendations, please give me a hint through any channel below.


  • Clojure for the brave and true: link
  • Living in Clojure: link
  • Land of Lisp: link
  • The Little Schemer: link
  • Programming Clojure: link


  • Nick Black's advice for MS students: link
  • The Debugging mindset: link


  • Montag.clj - Book management system: link
  • bzclj - SaaS State Machine (?): link
  • asset-monitor - Service to monitor assets payments on compojure-api, jdbc, and others.
  • jotun - library to interface anti-captcha providers: link
  • gitclj - small gitlab & git interface: link


  • What every computer scientist should know: link
  • Every software developer should know about unicode and charset: link
  • Programming Paradigms and the Procedural Paradox: link
  • Dr Alan Kay on the Meaning of Object Oriented Programming: link
  • How Lisp Became God's own programming language: link


  • link
  • Programming Language, Part A: link
  • Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine: link
  • Lambda Island: link
  • System Design: link

Misc books, essays and videos

  • The passionate programmer: link
  • Zero bugs: link
  • Great Hackers: link
  • Revenge of the nerds: link
  • Lisp hackers - interview with 100x more productive programmers: link
  • The Road to Common Lisp: link
  • Software disenchantment: link
  • A pretty good introduction to Pretty Good Privacy: link
  • SICP Distilled in Clojure: link <– still working through this… slowly.


I can not complaint about the choices that I made in the past and as far as my progress inside software development is going, I can not complain now either. As always, we want everything to be fast, but somethings comes at the right time.

Many more sources to learn:


Figure 1: My books!