Clojure Coure: Lambda Island

Different from Purely Functional the Lambda Island program is more focused into web development with Clojure and ClojureScript.

The quality of the videos are very good and the explanations are well rounded too. You do not leave any session with the impression that some magic trick happened and you couldn't follow along.

For example, I got stuck in the past trying to build a web app using the Component library and after following the rational of a Lambda Island exercise I could grasp what it is all about.

I will try to summarize some of the video lectures as I move forward if I see fit. The topics in the website are divide in some collections, lets stick with it.

React and Reagent

1. Building a React app with ClojureScript
2. Reagent
3. Reagent part 2: Cursors 4. Reagent part 3: Keys & Lifecycle methods 5. re-frame 6. re-frame subscriptions 7. re-frame events and effects 8. using react components with Reagent

Clojure Foundations

1. clojure.core/some
2. intro to clojure.spec
3. clojure keyword arguments
4. seq and seqable
5. transducers


1. Datomic Quickstart, part 1
1. Datomic Quickstart, part 2


1. Introduction to Clojure Testing
2. Running ClojureScript Tests 3. Acceptance Testing with SparkleDriver 4. Generative Testing with test.check

Component and System

1. deftype and definterface
2. defrecord and defprotocol
3. Component and System
4. Component in Practice

Ring and Compojure

1. Ring, pt.1
2. Ring II, the Two Routes
3. Ring III, Return of the Middleware
4. Compojure
5. Authentication with Buddy

ClojureScript Interop & Tooling

1. ClojureScript Interop 2. The ClojureScript Compiler 3. Using Figwheel with Emacs, part 1: inf-clojure-mode 4. Using Figwheel with Emacs, part 2: CIDER 5. Using JavaScript libraries in ClojureScript